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We want to welcome you to Knutson Towboat Company's Internet site and thank you for visiting. Our site presents information about our company services, its history, employment opportunities, new developments, and company contact information. The tug boat in the picture above is the "Captain Harold".

Our Mission

To provide exemplary service in our key service areas of natural resource transportation, marine operations, construction, and general machining services, welding and fabrication, field repair and maintenance services, and paint and specialized coatings preparation, application, restoration and repair services. We are a "Can Do" company!

Company Profile

Knutson Towboat Company (KTB) was founded in 1915. Knutson Towboat Company is a 97 year old natural resource transportation, marine and construction contracting services company. Knutson Towboat Company is located in the shipping port of Coos Bay, Oregon on the scenic, diverse, and natural resource abundant southern Oregon coast.

Our firm's divisions offer services in timber and other and natural resource materials trucking; log storage, ship assist, waterborne log handling, tugboat and barge services, marine and heavy construction (to include pile driving and heavy crane), general machine shop, dock facilities, welding and fabrication, general maintenance and field repair, industrial paint and coatings application, and automotive painting, body restoration, and repair. 

Knutson Towboat Company is a member of the Oregon Trucking Association (OTA), Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (AOL), and Douglas County Timber Operators.

Knutson Towboat Company is pleased to be recognized for its high standards in the area of safety and contributions to the local community at large. We have won industry safety awards for our safe fleet operations for three years in a row.

Key Personnel

President:  John L. Knutson
Vice President:   Bryan Knutson -- Millicoma Logging, LLC
Operations Manager:  Dax Davidson -- Koos Transportation, LLC
Machine Shop Supervisor:  Gene Cole
Paint and Auto Body Shop Supervisor:  Dave Canup
Truck Fleet Maintenance Supervisor:  Al Zimmerman
Administration/Human Resources Manager:  Laurie Knutson-Sharp
Accountant:  Alan Price
IT Manager:  Sandi Arbuckle

Contact Information -
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Knutson Towboat Company
Street address
400 N. Front Street, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
Postal address
PO Box 908, Coos Bay, OR  97420-0908
(541) 267-3195 (Our phones are monitored 24 hours a day.)
       (541) 267-5675

Knutson Diesel and Machine
580 N. Front Street, Coos Bay, OR 97420
Phone: (541) 267-2016
Front Street Auto Body
390 N. Front Street, Coos Bay, OR 97420
Phone: (541) 267-3195
Knutson Log Storage and Koos Transportation, LLC - Truck Maintenance Facility
93761 Hackett Lane, Coos Bay, OR 97420
Phone: (541) 269-1634 / (541) 267-0178
Fax:  (541) 267-2734
Truck Dispatch - Koos Transportation, LLC
Phone:  (541) 269-1634

Employee Information

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